Come and try our massages

Therapeutic massage20 min40 min60 min90 min120 min
Head, neck and shoulders20€35€50€
Foot Massage20€35€50€
Tui na20€35€50€70€90€
Thai massage20€35€50€70€90€
Thai Yoga20€35€50€70€90€
Ayurvedic massage20€35€50€70€90€
Relaxing therapeutic massage20€35€50€70€90€
Deep tissue20€35€50€70€
Abdominal massage20€35€
Chi Nei Tsang40€60€80€
Tok Sen40€60€80€

Please, avoid consuming a big meal 1 hour before your massage. 2 hours before Abdonminal massage and Chi Nei Tsang. Thank you!