The Association of Workers of National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, that is a public institution of scientific and technological research and development in Portugal. It is one of the largest civil engineering laboratories in the world!

CLEFTA, Elevators

Clefta it's a portuguese company with 30 years of experience in remodelling, repairing and maintenance of elevators. 

Parents Association of EB1JI Telheiras

The Association of Parents of Primary Education 1 and kindergarten of Telheiras is a non-profit institution runned by Parents and Guardians in voluntary based work. The Mission of the PA is to contribute to the hell being of children of our school, fostering the spirit of permanent collaboration between Parents, Guardians and the School.

GAYA Veggie Market & Coffee Shop

We were born to be more sustainable. more ecologic and to bring the best products from local producers to your house. We search for providers that are small companies, focus on organic principles, that take care of the Earth and that reduce the ecological footstep.
In our shop we have biological products and vegan products

Rita Xavier, MD

I’m a Family Physician with the Competency in Medical Acupuncture by the Portuguese Medical Association, and a Master Degree in Neural Therapy. I have an integrated view of health care, using conventional and non-conventional therapies to reach a more holistic and individualized approach to my patients. I believe that preventive medicine should be given priority, and so I emphasize lifestyle changes and medical screenings to optimize body functions. I also follow up patients with acute and especially chronic health problems, with the aim of treating and improving their quality of life. My main treatment tools are regulatory substances, acupuncture, and neural therapy, but I use chemical drugs whenever needed.

Premium Minds

We are a 100% Portuguese company dedicated to creating high quality software for innovative business customers.

  • We promote an engineering culture within the company
  • We strive to create relationships of trust with our customers
  • We value responsible and autonomous people
  • We use agile methodologies, valuing people's opinions more than our processes

GS1 Portugal

GS1 Portugal is a neutral, multisectoral, private and non-profit organization, founded in 1985 by producers and distributors and recognized as a Public Utility entity in 2013.
Our mission: to develop, promote and implement global standards that revolutionize the way we work and live day to day, every day.


LisbonPH is a training entity in the health area, founded in 2013 by dynamic and initiated young people with the aim of adding something to their academic path and training the Health Professional of the future, creative and multidisciplinary. In addition to this, LisbonPH is very dedicated to its corporate social responsibility aspect.

We like to...